Report on the 9th Winter Micromount Gathering
Advent Christian Village,
Dowling Park, Florida
February 24-26 2010
Earl English Forest City, NC

Early Arrivals started showing up on Wed, Feb. 24 Conversations in the conference room until late evening.
Thurs. Feb. 25.
Set up 'scopes, very informal sessions more arrivals.
Fri. Feb. 26.
Informal session, waiting for stragglers during the day.
Evening Sesion:
By this time all were present, we had 17 microscopes set up.

Henry Barwood gave a very interesting slide show presentation titlled "Lithologic Associations of Minerals: Granite Mountain Syenite and the Southeastern Rim of the Magnet Cove Intrusive."

The remainder of the evening was devoted to informal discussions of the various minerals mentioned in the presentation,and looking for specimens on the free table.

Saturday Morning session:
Once again the "Free is Good" Slide show from Earl English was shown, as there were several present that had not seen it. Then Henry Barwood gave another slide show presentation and discussion on Phosphate Minerals of Indian Mountain.

Our lunch, (and by the way, all of the snacks and drinks) a sandwich buffet, with lots of goodies were provided by our hostess, Martha Cunningham, assisted by her daughter in law, and several of the wives of the attendees, and some of the attendees.
Afternoon session:
Henry Barwood had two more slide show presentations, the first Coosa County Pegmatite Phosphates, and the second, The Minerals of the Benjamin Prospect, Cragford, ALabama.
Many of the slides in both presentations were discussed in depth by Henry, who cheerfully answered the many questions generated.

After the evening meal we went back to the informal format, looking at minerals, with many asking questions of Dr. Barwood and the rest of our friends.

There was a discussion of the possibility of arranging a swap box with a group of micromounters from Norway, and Cal Pierson and Henry Barwood will work out the details with them.

Henry Barwood has agreed to be our program director for the coming Winter Gathering which will be The last weekend of Feb. 2011.
We already have one speaker on the schedule. Bob Stevens claims that he can talk for several hours about his grandchildren.