The Second Annual Southeast Micromounters Winter Gathering

Was held on Friday and Saturday, February 7 and 8, 2003 at Advent Christian Village, in Dowling Park, Florida

Initiated by Ed and Martha Cunningham, to whom the group owes a great big pat on the back for all of the work they put into organizing the event, there were 15 individuals attending. We had 3 speakers that put on excellent and very informative presentations.
Friday afternoon and evening was informal, with early arrivals setting up microscopes, swapping minerals, socalizing, raiding the "freebie" table for specimens, and the snack table and coffee pot for refreshments.
After dinner at the Center's Phillips Dining room, we returned to the conference room for more of the same.
The Village is a very pleasant place to visit, and they gave us such a fantastic deal on our meals that I can only hope that next year we can receive the same price break.

The event:

Friday, we set up microscopes in the conference room and visited. Many questions were answered during the informal show and tell session.
11 of the 15 in the Conference room

5:00 pm Supper at the Phillips Dining room.

Evening - Show & Tell Swaps and socalizing.
Martha Cunningham prepairing to raid the table.

8:00 We had breakfast at the Phillips Dining room

Morning Session:
Jason Smith:
with an excellent slideshow presentation on Minerals found at the Foote Mine, Cleveland Co., NC
Jason Smith, with his wife Mandy beside him.

One of Jason's slides as it appeared on the screen.

There is a head and the top part of a microscope silouetted on the screen.

12:00 noon Lunch break at the Phillips Dining room.
Afternoon Session:
Henry L. Barwood gave a Presentation on Granite Mountain Arkansas Minerals. logo
Dr. Henry L. Barwood

Click here for more information about him.

5:30 We went for dinner at the Phillips Dining room.

Evening session:

Julian C. Gray

The mineralogy of the Ilimaussaq and Igaliko alkaline intrusions of south Greenland. With Slide show.

After the last presentation we had more time for the serious business of enjoying the minerals brought for viewing and swapping. Around 9 P.M., we packed up and said our goodbyes to those that we would not see again until the next time.

Fireplace in the Conference room

Thirteen of the fifteen attendees.

A Strengite from Indian Mt., Al.

from the Cunningham's collection, taken through a microscope at 10X.

Thanks again to Ed and Martha Cunningham for starting the event, to the speakers, who gave us some very informative presentations and answered so very many questions, and to the many nice folks at the Advent Christian Village, who made our visit so enjoyable.

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