Report on the 13th Winter Micromount Gathering
Advent Christian Village,
Dowling Park, Florida
February 19-22, 2014
Earl English Forest City, NC

Watch for more details on our webpage.

The 14th Winter Gathering will be the last weekend in February, 2015 (25th-28th), so mark your calendars!
The 13th Winter Gathering 2014
by Earl English

We arrived Wed. 2/19 around 1:00 PM, Checked in along with Jim Daly. Met Ed and Martha Cunningham in the Confrence room, got settled in, and waited for the rest of the members to come in.

Thursday was spent greeting new arrivals, looking at minerals and chatting.

By Friday evening we had 14 'scopes set up, and some details for future Winter Gatherings layed out.
Suzie Hudson of the ACV has agreed that in the event that Ed and Martha Cunningham would not be able to attend, that we may continue to use the facilities as currently used ending on the final Saturday each February.

The 14th Gathering will be Feb. 25-28 2015.
Members were urged to make reservations before the end of the current gathering, and we currently have 13 reservations made, several include wives.
If you want to attend next year you should make your reservations soon, as space is limited.

It was agreed at a short meeting of all attendees that the official name of the gathering will become "The Ed and Martha Cunningham ACV Winter Gathering of Micromounters".

During the day and evening members busied themselves looking at micro minerals, chatting, and enjoying the warm weather and the variety of snacks that were available.

Saturday after breakfast at the Village Cafe we once again assembled in the conference room for more mineral discussion and viewing. Our final count of attendees was 20, down some from the previous year due to illness and personal reasons. We anticipate a good turnout next year.

During the discussions it was proposed that we try to find a caterer to handle our Saturday lunch. It may be possible to have a BBQ resturant in Live Oak to do that, and inquery will be made. Details to follow.

Lunch was a wonderful sandwich buffet created by the ladies, and we owe thanks to Bob and Mary Stevens for making the necessary purchases, Lisa Cunningham for the "Heavenly Eggs", Martha Cunningham, Marlene Glen, Andrea Whatley, and Mariko English for helping to put it all together.

After Lunch we had 3 programs presented. Henry Barwood gave a presentation on using a 405nm laser diode to study Microfluorescence, followed by a question and answer session.

Jason Smith gave a slideshow presentation "Around the World in 80 Specimens", consisting of some really great pictures of rare and beuatiful minerals.

After dinner we coaxed another program from Henry Barwood, a presentation titled "Mineralogy of the Central Florida Phosphate Mining District", again followed by a question and answer session.

We reluctantly started tearing down shortly after the last presentation, and after cleanup setteled in for a talk session. Thus concluded a most successful 13th Micromounters Winter Gathering.
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